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Fahima • 8 April 2023


I am Fahima from Afghanistan. I have a question regarding my family resettlement in germany. I came in germany under the § 22 article in 2022, i am an unmarried girl and I applied with all my family members to relocate here. During the process of my case I have exchanged many emails regarding my family members, but at the last just I have received an approval to travel for Germany. I did not received any approval and rejection too for my family case. That time I had to leave my country as urgent as possiple I did alone. Also my family left to pakistan. After arriving in germany I followed again my family case, but the same thing I received.

I will be appreciated, If you advice me in this regard 

With regards


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Hello Fahima,
thank you for reaching out to us. I am sorry to hear that your family was not able to receive approval of admission to Germany. Unfortunately, the general rule is that only immediate family members are considered in the family reunification process. In rare cases, there are exceptions. Germany, unfortunately, defines who is considered immediate family very restrictively. Only your children (also adopted) under the age of 18 and your spouse, or your parents, if you are under 18, are considered immediate family and can join you in Germany, through family reunification. The family reunification for other family members is only granted very rarely and if you can, for example, prove that your family members are completely dependent on your care. Even then, you do not have a legal claim to family reunification, but it is up to the office’s discretion to decide whether they will grant you family reunification. You can read more information on our information pager here:…
Under the section “new arrivals in Germany”

If you want to go ahead with applying for family reunification you will need to receive special advice and take lawyer that has expertise in this field. I can try to find a counseling center for you, if you wish, please let me know the city you are in.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for your reply, i live in Aurich City


Hi Fahima, thank you for that information. I have found the following counseling center:
Here you can call or write them an e-mail to make an appointment and discuss your options for family reunification with them.
Please keep me updated if you were able to receive help from them. Please let me know if you are having trouble contacting them. I can also assist you with that.
Best wishes

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