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khan20 • 13 October 2022

Hi my name is imad i got addmission to entered to germany a month ago.

 Me and my family have crossed the border in emergency situation without visa and passport to save our lives and there was no time to get passports in that situation. Currently, we have taken shelter with one of my relatives in Afghan Refugee camp in Pakistan and are in very difficult situation.

I have been trying to get passports for my family during this time but I have not been able to get passports till now. It is almost impossible to get the passports during the current government and the process of getting passport is taking an unknown longer time. Further, getting a Pakistani visa has also become very difficult these days and it takes for ever to get the visa. Lastly, I am also afraid to go back to Afghanistan with my family for an unknown longer time to get passports and put our lives in danger.


To be very honest, I don’t know what to do and would really appreciate if you can help me in this situation.

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Hello khan20, thank you for your question. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to have approval of admission but no passport. Unfortunately, everyone with approval of admission has to have a passport to travel to Germany. This does not apply for children under 8, for them an E-Tazkira is enough.
I would encourage you to carefully read our info page for Afghanistan:
As well as register yourself with Kabul Luftbrücke, they are an NGO and can help people with approval of admission.

I hope you and your family can soon come to Germany.

Best wishes


Thank you so much for your reply.As now a days issuing passport is temprorly colse for unknown time, and for me and my family it is also full of risk to go back to Afghanistan and making passport for me and my wife.
Please let us known if there is any knid of resettlment program for us, As few months ago there was a specific program for local staff and people in risk who dosen't had passport but still they have been resettled without passport.


Hello khan20, unfortunately, to my knowledge it is not possible to come to Germany without a passport. If you have approval of admission please contact and fill out the form from Kabul Luftbrücke. They can help you further. I have also send you a private message with more information.
Please let me know if you were able to receive help from Kabul Luftbrücke or the other contacts.
If you have further questions please let me know
Best wishes


First of all thank you so much for all of your kind information.
and sorry for reply late because i lost my cell and also my login id.
now i will contact the the email you sent i hope they will help us
thanks once again.


Hi dear yara, i hope you will be doing good
As i mentioned before about myself in previouse Mails.
After a long period of time i got my Passport and i m completely ready to leave Afghanistan soon, as i have been confirmed a month ago by GIZ TEAM, that my Appointment for Bio matric and visa will be on 24th of May in German Embassy Iran.
So now my question is that German government have stoped visa process for afghans due to some reasons for some unkown days
will this decsion impact on our case, while i already waited for so many months to trevel because we got addmission to germany and also having BMI Number almost 6 months ago, and due to not having pasaports we were here.

Best regards


Hello dear khan20 apologies for the late reply. Thank you for being so patient. I will also answer you here in the comments as well as in the private messages.
Unfortunately, we do not know when the embassies will start with the admission program again. As soon as we have more details we will let you know.
I am very sorry that your appointment might be cancelled. It is already hard enough to receive an appointment as it is.
I can unfortunately, only tell you to regularly check your mails for further updates from the German embassy in Tehran. In my opinion Germany has really failed many Afghans who have worked for German organizations like the GIZ. I hope that you can soon attend your appointment and come to Germany.
Best wishes

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